Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week Seven in the MTC

We got 10 new Italian missionaries this week! 8 are going to Milan, 2 to Rome, and one of the Milan missionaries is a sister! She is what is called a "solo" sister meaning that she is the only sister in her district/classroom. She is assigned to our companionship during gym and relief society and service and when we are in the residence hall, but other than that, she has no companion! When she is with her district, she just always has to be with atleast two elders at one time. What a unique situation!

Only two more weeks in the MTC, sometimes we as missionaries have moments of complete excitement and moments of complete fear, haha. In two weeks we will be thrown into a country where we don't speak the language and yet somehow expected to tell everyone we meet about our eternally significant message. AH!! Our flight plans should come this week, so stay tuned:) One of our teachers, Sorella Lewis made predictions on where she thought each of us would be "born" (our first city in Italy) and what type of comp our trainer would be. She predicted I would be born into a really small city, such as Mistreta or Ragusa. These are "two sister cities" meaning that there are no elders in the city, only one set of sisters! I would love to go to a small city of course! She also predicted that I would have a trainer that was fairly young in the mission and hadn't been out too long. Fratello Auna though told me a few weeks ago that he thought I would start off in Rome. We'll see!!

We had a wonderful lesson this week from Fratella Silva, one of the other Italian teachers. He entered the MTC 4 times before he actually got to go out in to the field and had to go home each time for health or other reasons. He had 3 different mission calls and finally when he was 26, he served in Rome Italy. He testified of the how we are meant to serve in this mission and how God knows how things will turn out and he knows we will succeed. At one point during his 7 years of trying to go on a mission, Brother Silva talked to a general authority who told him to forget a mission and go to school and get married. However, Brother Silva found out years later that at the same time he told that to him, the general authority told his parents that he would serve a mission. The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes but we can't forget that He knows how things are going to turn out, so we should just trust him!

I can testify this week of how we have a loving Heavenly Father. He is anxiously waiting to bless us!! Anxiously! I didn't feel this for a long time, but I am learning quickly that the times I feel like He isn't eager to help me out are because of my own pride and hard heart. But I am learning that everything we do, everything we have, is because God loves us. It is literally the motivation for everything. And even more wonderful, we can be as close to him as we want to be. It is up to us!

Funny random story. I had a bit of cold this week and my nose was running like crazy. I was sitting in the TRC after my lesson watching on a TV screen some of the other missionaries teach Matteo. I had to blow my nose but I didn't want to leave the TV, so I grabbed what I thought looked like baby wipes sitting on the counter next to me. I blew my nose and my poor, tender nose started burning like nothing else!! They turned out to be heavy duty medical disinfectant wipes. Ouch!!
Oh, I gave a talk in Italian on faith in sacrament meeting! Found out about 5 minutes before, eek!

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