Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Member referrals

It has warmed up a little bit here, I hope it stays warm!
We met with another young couple in the ward here on Thursday and talked with them about missionary work and the husband gave us a referral! We went to find her on Monday in her office although she wasn't there and her husband told us to come back the next day. We found her yesterday and talked for a while and it went great! Her and her husband own a shop where they sell all sorts of random books and other things from various religions, and they are both hilarious people (just like many Italians are). She (Rosella) is very open to learning about different beliefs. She grew up Catholic although is disillusioned because of the corruption she sees and is literally now searching for truth. Perfect! She is excited to meet with us again and particularly LOVES Sorella Urban, haha. I hope she will still want to meet with missionaries when Sorella Urban gets transferred away!
But anyways, I have felt strongly about working with the members here in Rome and it is wonderful to see the fruits of those labors!
One of the best lessons we have had was last week with the Cruz family, teaching Carlos. We brought along a strong priesthood holder from our ward and hope to bring him and his family this Friday for their families to start becoming friends and the full-member family to act as an example. Wohoo, I have so much hope for Carlos, he is almost there, he just needs to decide to act.
We taught a law of chastity lesson to someone who wasn't keeping the law of chastity (my first time teaching this lesson). Phew, it was a little scary, but went really well!

I have been thinking a lot about finding people and our efforts in doing so. I am convinced that in this huge city of Rome, there are way more people who are searching for truth or who would be open to listen to us than we have yet found. Heavenly Father knows where they are. I think it is just a matter of working with Him to find them. We've been trying lots of different things for finding- talking to people on buses, knocking on doors, working with members. But the efforts we are giving are not enough, we just simply aren't finding the people who are ready, who we know are out there. A lot of people we meet seem like great potentials and then drop off the face of the earth and don't answer their phone anymore. We have determined that we need to seek more guidance and Sorella Urban reminded me that the one thing we haven't done yet is fast. She is brilliant! So, we are fasting. We are fasting to know how to find the people who are out there and ready for us. I came into the mission with a lot of confidence feeling like I would be able to find these people with my efforts. I am quickly learning that I absolutely need the help of the Lord. Our own efforts will never be enough.

Random story:
Someone in their car pulled over to us a few days ago and asked us, "Are you preaching right now?". We were like.... "Uh.... not at the moment!" He said something along the lines of, I know who you are, you can see it in your faces, they just glow! He told us where he went to church (we thought he was a member) and we thought, "Hmm, we don't have a church there." We were all confused for a minute until he said, "Ooh, I made a mistake. I thought you were someone else". When we asked, he told us that he was a Jehovah's Witness. He thought we were too and was so nice to us until he realized that we weren't!

Italians are hilariously bold. When I have acne on my face, people will ask me "Whats on your face? Are you having an allergic reaction to something?" Haha, nope, just acne.

Last night I was getting out of a member's car at an appointment and I tripped on the seat belt and literally rolled a few times on the street, haha. I am a little scraped up now.

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