Saturday, June 19, 2010

Advice for the Missionary!

Just for fun…Jourdan Hafen offers this advice to Caitlin about serving a mission in Italy: Do carry a picture of a boy in your wallet to show to creepy guys who won't leave you alone and say it's your boyfriend-- blond and military-looking is best. Also with the creepy guys and/or overly persistent salespeople-- don't be a nice American girl. Learn to say things like, "Signore, mi lasci stare per favore, non... sono interessata". Say your prayers. Don't think that things are impossible. Remember that jeans take a few days to dry on the racks, and other stuff takes a while too. Salt the water before you put in the pasta. There is no such thing as too much parmeggiano.

Be a good missionary! Falla brava! Remember who you are! Have fun and be safe! Take it one day at a time! Study hard! Don't give up after a few months when you can say everything you "need" to say; never stop studying the language! Treat the skanky men who hit on you like trees-- pay them no heed. Enjoy the food but fi...gure out a way to make the members stop stuffing you until you are to the point of vomiting (I always just said that there was no more space in my stomach; say it nicely and with a smile, but be FIRM!). Eat a lot of gelato. Eat mozzarella. Avoid drunk people. Don't be afraid to ask stupid questions. Don't carry your passport on you unless you will need it.

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