Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week Four in the MTC

Still healthy and happy! I am growing to love my companions and my district more and getting a little more nervous for Italy. I am having some computer problems today, I lost about 8 minutes of the 30 and now the enter key won't work, ah! The TRC yesterday was a little rough for me but it is times like those that make it a really good learning experience.

I learned that I need to prepare more and put in more energy! So far the MTC learning is strenuous but it hasn't pushed me any farther than school has.. I think that is not what Heavenly Father has in mind for me and I think I received a little reminded yesterday that I should be working harder.. I am working hard and progressing but I am not yet working my hardest. And that is what he expects of me. Anyways, part way through our lesson at the TRC, our investigator turned to Sorella Tutt and said "when you spoke, I felt good" and then he turned to Sorella Ryan and said "When you spoke, I felt good." Then he turned to me and said, "When you spoke, I felt strange." Ouch! Still have a lot of work to do then!

On a better note, on Sunday my companions and I taught a lesson on the Plan of Salvation to our district. It was surprisingly the first time I had taught a lesson to a group of people in a church setting and it went really well! I loved it! It reminds me of being in DC and teaching about my research for the first time and how extremely rewarding it was. Similar feeling, I love teaching even though it is hard work for me!

My companion Sorella Ryan made it into the exclusive MTC choir and will be performing for the apostles when they come to the MTC this week for the new mission president seminar. She is so excited! I have a funny story about that actually. My companions and two elders from our district were all in the office of the secretary to the mtc president yesterday looking to check out some music and Anziano Parry (he is a very curious person) picks up some pamphlet sitting on her desk and starts to read it.. After a minute he says "Wow, I would love to have the mission presidents schedule" and the secretary freaks out. She takes it away from him and makes him swear to not tell a soul about what he read. Apparently it was the schedule for when all the apostles and prophet would be speaking this week in the MTC (they conduct the seminars for the miss pres) and it was a huge security risk for anyone to see it! Ha!

From now on, we are preparing to teach only in Italian and it makes everyone else really nervous and me really excited! However it is so true that it does not matter how good our Italian is because we can express ourselves in other ways. What matters is what we are teaching, our testimony of it, and the needs of the people we teach.

One more funny story; one of the elders in our zone used the bathroom in the middle of the night and locked himself out so he sat outside tapping on the door. Another elder inside the room woke up and didn't know what was going on and he got a little freaked out. He threw open the door with his fists up and said "Let's do this!". No one was quite sure who he thought would be at the door but that elder was ready to fight!

I made a goal to read the whole book of Mormon in Italian before i leave for Italy. It is so tough to do. I read out loud and it takes me several hours a day but it pushes me to work harder and use my time more effectively. I am so excited for mission president seminar, I cant even tell you. I cant wait to meet my Mission President. I and i cant wait for the apostles to be wandering around the campus. I love Sunday movie nights and ice cream and walks to the temple. I am realizing that god will work through my strengths to let me help the Italians. I like to listen to people and I care and he will help me do this to touch lives.

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