Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Month in Taranto

I want to tell you about the wonderful family of Grazia and Aldo! We found Grazia on Lungomare a few weeks ago and met with her and her husband a week ago and taught them about the Restoration and invited them to meet with us and try the "experiment" of Alma 32. What a wonderful experience to teach about the Restoration, the whole story of Joseph Smith, to someone who has never heard before. Wow! I have a harder time than I thought explaining just how significant it really is, everything that it entails and what a blessing from God. They were wonderful though, they have a few children but everytime we meet with them, it is just their 4 year old daughter Noemi who is home and playing in the same room. Aldo offered the closing prayer at the end and thanked Heavenly Father for us Sorelle and when he tried to say my name he said "Askem" and immediately after Grazia corrected him and then immediately after that, Noemi the 4-year old said "queste belle sorelle" which means "these beautiful sisters". It was probably the cutest thing I ever heard from the cutest family I have ever seen. I love them! We met with them again a few days ago and will continue to meet with them. I have so much hope for their beautiful family, they are incredibly sincere and open and willing to listen what we say and "try the experiment" of reading and praying. What more can we ask for? What more does Heavenly Father ask for?
We also had a zone conference yesterday in Bari, my first zone conference in the mission! I got to see three elders from my MTC experience and they are all happy and working hard. I can see changes in them already and I hope that the same changes are occuring in me. I hope that I am becoming more loving and patient and humble and firm in my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can not deny the light that comes into my life, the Spirit of God, because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I know just as Joseph Smith wrote in the introduction of the Book of Mormon that this book truly will bring us closer to Christ over any other people. And I know that when we strive to be more like Him, we find peace and joy. It is simple, this gospel is simple.

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