Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Second week in Italy

Week two in Italy! We've talked to lots of people in this city but there are plenty more to talk to! We meet with a member or a less active member every day and with our extra time, we talk to people. Sometimes we just talk to them and sometimes we share with them the gospel. Most people say they are Catholic or too busy but we'll keep trying!
I gained and lost my first personal potential investigator. His name was Mimo and I found him the first week at mostra. He was 80 and great because he spoke very slowly with me. We talked for a long time at the mostra and met again on Lungo Mare and talked for another hour about faith and God and we shared Alma 32. He couldn't understand why God "took away" two of his wives and had a hard time believing in God. We met one last time and he made it clear that he would love to keep meeting with us but only as friends. As much as I loved that little man, our purpose here as missionaries is to bring people to Christ and we can’t just meet with him to be friends.

(Note from Suzy--Caitlin's email this week was very short because of computer issues. Apparently all the Internet Cafe's in Italy are closed in August for Holiday and so they must go to the Post Office and pay high prices to use the Internet there. I happened to be awake at 3am my time when she was writing her email and was able to email back and forth a little bit, and it was so good to "talk" to her! The computer there was giving her all kinds of trouble and she was trying to get assistance but her email time ended without her finishing. More next week!)

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